The best way to choose your corals is to come and select them yourself, we are available throughout the week for visits and we can sometimes organise evening visits if normal daytime hours are difficult. Please call us to arange a convenient time.
If you are unable to come and select your corals yourself then we can talk through the type of corals that you want and make that selection for you. We offer two delivery options, overnight courier service and a same day delivery service with our own staff and vehicle. We much prefer to use a same day delivery service where possible as this is a far healthier option for the corals and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your corals are being handled as carefully as possible. Delivery costs vary according to volume and destination. Please contact us for further details.
Demand for many of our species of coral is very high, we are happy to take pre-orders for forthcoming imports to ensure you get all the corals you want.
All livestock purchases are on a pro-forma or COD basis.
Please note that we only supply wholesale stock to established and registered businesses.
Retail customers interested in our UK cultured coral frags please go to ww.reefworks.co.uk